There are usually 3 categories a designer's clients fall into.

  1. Those who know they need something designed but are completely in the dark of what they are looking for.  These are people who usually state one of the following or something in a similar vein:
    1. Show me some things and I will let you know what I like and don't like.
    2. I like red.
    3. I saw something I liked and can't describe it but it had shapes in it.
  2. Those who have some idea of what they are looking for and provide some initial feedback of likes and dislikes:
    1. I like colors in the blue family.  
    2. I definitely want an icon in the logo.  
    3. I like bold lettering without serifs.
    4. I want it to be feminine.
  3. Those who pretty much know what they want:
    1. I can draw what I have in mind but don't know how to produce it (for print or online).
    2. Has a very strong sense of the colors they would like used.
    3. Can name the typeface(s) they would like incorporated.

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