Working within your budget, we'll seek cost-effective solutions to get the biggest bang for your buck. After an initial conversation or two, and in person where possible, we begin the process which varies depending on the work needed. For print materials preliminary designs are created and submitted for approval. In the web design process, unless supplied to us, a site map (or flow chart) is created, showing the pages and the links of the site. This can be modified at any time, but gives us a good working model and assures that we are on the same page(s) - pun intended.

Throughout the design process — from initial contact through completion — we keep you up to date every step of the way.  For print materials and logo design, electronic proofs let you view modifications as the design is honed. In web design you are provided links to the site as it is being created.

With many affiliations in the field, including photographers, writers, printers, illustrators, etc., if the need arises, we'll find the right fit for you or we'll be perfectly happy working with one of yours. With our reputation of detail-oriented meticulousness, you can be assured that the final result will be scoured for accuracy and details that limit the piece in its reach and its life span.

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