Red Line Rim Repair branched out into franchising and needed a new web site to attract customers.

Located in the southeast of the United States, Red Line Rim Repair needed a site that allowed customers to log in and request service. Their potential client base was anyone determined to keep their car in pristine condition (cosmetics) or those that had suffered damage to their wheel rims (structural) due to potholes and curb incidents.

A Request-A_Quote form was created on the web site which when submitted sent an email to a central office location where the service was meted out to the nearest franchisee. Service was performed at a Red Line location or more often a technician would travel to the customer's residential or commercial location. As new geographical franchisees were added, new service areas were added to the web site.

Before and after images were uploaded and a description of services pages were added to the web site. Additionally, a Franchising Opportunities section was added to the site where interested parties could submit an application for a franchise and an interactive brochure was made available that outlined the company and answered questions that the franchisee might have.


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